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Adspy 50$/75$ Coupon

Adspy 50$/75$ Coupon

In this article, you'll be enlightened on what Adspy is all about, the steps to using it, and the various amazing features it comprises. The review will also include an Adspy free trial coupon and discount code.

As a business owner, nothing gives you more satisfaction than marketing your brand to the right audience and getting high conversion. It is this desire to be at the forefront of their market that has made manufacturers make use of what is known as ad spy tools.

Imagine the benefits that come with knowing your competition's next marketing step, traffic source, paid campaign charge, etc. That's a big brand campaign plus for sure.

What is Adspy?

AdSpy is a social media ad PPC and intelligence software tool that is used by business owners to spy on their competitors' marketing moves. These ad spy tools analyze various ad campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

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With Adspy, you can search online for your trending products, competition's ads, and past and present marketing ideas. You can search from among 91 million winning campaign ads from beyond 203 countries.

You also get to change your search items to attain relevant ads rather than scrolling endlessly for a long time. Now that's time-saving!

By making use of Adspy coupons you tend to produce profitable ads and enhance your brand campaign by understanding your competitors.

It offers various search criteria such as URL, Ad text, Age, Gender, Total likes, Daily likes, Language, Offer ID, Country, Affiliate ID, etc. Adspy is the complete package for you even if you are a social media advertising newbie.

You'd also notice stuff like; Demographics, Comments, Shares, Likes, etc- all these help you to sort out your searches and take advantage of winning ad campaigns online.

Adspy Search Options

How to Use AdSpy

Just like other social media ad spy tools, AdSpy provides you with the hottest, latest, and highly relevant ads. As you read further on how to use amazing ad spy tools like this, don't miss out on the free trial coupon.

To get started on AdSpy, here are some steps you need to follow while taking advantage of the many benefits it offers to you as a marketer;

#1. Sign Up for an AdSpy Account.

The first basic step to setting up an Adspy account is to visit the AdSpy website and select the sign-up option. When signing up, the process is a pretty comprehensive one. The details you are required to fill in include;

  • First and last names
  • Email Address
  • Company name(optional)
  • Passwords

After signing in successfully, you'll see the search Tool- AdSpy makes it a commitment to improving this tool consistently. Some newly added features of the search tool are Languages, Countries, Buttons, advertisers, etc.

#2. Begin Your Search by typing Keywords Into the Ad Text Space

The next step after signing up for Adspy is to type your desired keyword into the Ad text space provided. It lets you select the Ad areas you want to focus on.

If your preference isn't on the Ad text, you get to search for ads based on keywords on the landing or comment page. You can simply do this by clicking on the menu icon beside Ad Text to explore additional selections. The options below help to narrow down your search extensively;

  • Advertiser name
  • Comments
  • URL
  • Landing Page Text
  • Landing Page URL

You can also check if your search is headed in the right direction by reviewing the results at different stages of your filter and search. You can use the ' Add to Filter' button to apply any number of keywords to your results.

As you progress with your search, if you find there's a need to change a keyword or search, just click on 'Clear All' and you could start afresh. Adspy has proven to be one of the most efficient ad spy tools, this is why you stand a winning chance over your competitors.

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#3. The Advanced Filters

Some of the filter options available to bring you closer to your results include;

  • Site types
  • Advertiser
  • Media Types
  • Technologies
  • Gender
  • Countries
  • Seen Between
  • Created between
  • Daily Likes
  • Ages
  • Buttons
  • Affiliates, etc

To save your searches, select the button tagged, 'Save Current Search'. Label it a search name then save. And if you desire to retrieve a saved search, select the 'Select Search' button and click on the one you want from the saved searches list.

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#4. Ad Analytics

AdSpy helps you analyze properly the ad that corresponds with your niche. It can tell you ;

  • The advertiser running the app
  • If it is running on Instagram or Facebook
  • CTA
  • Time frame
  • Country
  • Social engagements, etc

To see more analyses, click the small letter 'i' button at the right corner above the Ad page. This will enable you to see details such as-outgoing URLs, Landing page URLs, Technologies, and Demographics.

By clicking on the Advertiser icon, you get to view the ads from a particular advertiser. AdSpy provides you with all the info needed to run a progressive Ad campaign from your competitors' ideas.

Adspy Search Results

AdSpy's Unique Features

AdSpy offers various over-the-top features that optimize your results. These aids you in creating powerful ads to sustain your brand at the top. These features include;

AdSpy is popular for its amazingly simple and comprehensive features. It makes it quite easy for you to search through some of its search criteria. This enables you to get the best result from anything you search for.

After finding your searched results, you can copy similar ads to facilitate your brand on Instagram or Facebook. This feature makes the work pretty simple as you've got the knowledge of your customers' preferences. With AdSpy, you can do what other top-ranking brands do and get similar excellent conversions- yes, it's allowed!

#2. Large Data Pool

AdSpy has big data pools that let you know what product is trending and what drop shippers need to know about it. It has the biggest social media ad database in the world that exposes marketers to trending brands online.

With over 91 million ads in 203+ countries, you are sure to uncover several winning ad campaigns you could use to boost your brand. Our exclusive free trial coupon just for you:

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#3. Precise Demographics

AdSpy can precisely assess the target of an ad based on their gender, location, age range, etc. It shows you the territories and regions where a particular ad is dominating the market.

With AdSpy's world-wide coverage, you can assess global trends without fault. It even lets you focus your ads in particular fields without your competitor being aware of it. It reveals every corner of Facebook advertising.

AdSpy comments let you have access to comments made by social media users. This goes a long way in enabling you to come up with ads that meet their desires.

You get to monitor the most used keywords in the comments left by various social media users. It also gives you an edge as you discover the positive and negative feedback by users in their comments about specific brands. This should nudge you towards the right ad direction.

#5. Fair Pricing and Discount Offers

Among the various ad spy tools in the market, AdSpy stands out with its unique feature of affordable pricing. AdSpy costs $149 monthly , and you can also make use of various coupons to save more money.

You can enjoy the AdSpy free trial coupon and get 2000 views while enjoying access to the wonderful benefits of this software tool. With our exclusive AdSpy coupon code, you get unlimited usage at lesser costs.

#6. Quick Interface

AdSpy runs with great-speed technology that enables you to get fast results in less time. Its user-friendly interface, effective programming, and accurately presented data ensure that you aren't slowed down in any way during your research.

We know you'd love to avoid the headaches that come with rigorous online searches. That's why with using our free trial coupon, you are guaranteed the best search results in light-speed.

It's highly comprehensible even for beginners with little knowledge of the various online platforms.

#7. Affiliate-Friendly

Adspy allows you to discover nice affiliate offers and ads through Affiliate ID and Offer ID. It overrides cloakers and ensures precise info directly from the landing pages.

AdSpy is an ad spy tool created by affiliates for other affiliate marketers. It helps affiliate marketers track high-rated ads including URLs, landers, etc across any network.

With Adspy, you gain knowledge on how to access a lot of online publishers and advertisers.

What are the Benefits that AdSpy offer?

By utilizing AdSpy's comprehensive and accurate data from social media sites, you have unlimited control of the quickest developing ad platforms online. Its worldwide coverage enables you to assess the global trends without faults.

Another great component of AdSpy is its filter and search options that uncover ads that you need to know about to rise in the market. AdSpy enables you to;

  • Save a lot from test running campaigns
  • Uncover attractive new ad campaigns
  • Monitor your competition
  • Discover thriving and trending new brands
  • Search for Ads in order of their high relevance to your niche
  • Look for the nest markets worldwide

Pros of AdSpy

  • An unmatched network of providers
  • Large and massive database
  • Fair and Affordable prices
  • Unlimited sharing of account
  • Quick access to the biggest Facebook ad database
  • High-speed searches
  • User-friendly interface
  • Locates winning brands in seconds
  • The best competition analysis

Cons of AdSpy

  • Some features might be spammed on Facebook
  • Some searches time out

Major Factors Adspy is the Ideal Spy Tool for Marketers

  • It explores winning, popular trends
  • It explores current trends in the market
  • It discovers compelling ad creatives
  • Targets audience via demographics
  • Figure out what your competitors are campaigning
  • Find out ideas for video marketing scripts
  • Acquire great landing page ideas
  • High performing ad platforms
  • Find out longest running ads
  • Access negative and positive response to different ads
  • Uncover various ad ideas
  • Access top-performing e-commerce ads for drop shippers
  • Discover markets unknown to other marketers
  • Track down conversions
  • Enables you to save money and time

AdSpy Support

A lot of vital info about AdSpy has been provided above for easy usage of this marveling ad spy tool. Another bonus AdSpy comes with is its high response and fast customer service line.

While using AdSpy, you are most likely not to find any query. However, in case of any query, you can send free emails to [email protected] or contact +31 85001 3330. Rest assured you will receive an immediate helpful response to whatever issues you might face.

Amazing right? In addition to their various benefits, AdSpy has a responsive refund policy. You are guaranteed a full refund within 24 hours of purchase should you decide to cancel your chosen subscription.

With AdSpy, you get a generated customized search whenever you request it. Our refund policy is amazing as you will get a refund of your full amount within 24 hours of purchase in case you want to cancel your subscription.

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AdSpy is undoubtedly one of the most efficient spy ad tools in the online market. This is largely due to our unrivaled coupon codes and free trial ad spy coupon codes that enable you to get your optimized results.

Compared to other ad spy tools you find online, ad spy offers unlimited benefits for low and affordable prices. Incredible right?

Whether you are a dropshipper or an affiliate marketer, you can gain access to our coupons and get high conversion rates. A true acquaintance shares the goodies he/she gets, so feel free to share this with loved ones and enjoy the bliss of online marketing.