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Ahrefs: An all-in-one tool

Ahrefs: An all-in-one tool

Ahrefs is one of the best tool sets that comes up with free learning material and amazing tools to help you grow. Ahrefs tools are not only powerful to give you accurate data insights but these are easy to master as well. You don't have to spend weeks on these tools to perform a deep competitor's analysis at all. From multinational brands to aspiring bloggers, everyone can use Ahrefs to see what their competitors are doing in the industry.

Ahrefs services that can help you in an in-depth competitor's analysis:

Ahrefs can help you to have an in-depth look at the backlink profile, organic search traffic, keywords and more aspects of your competitors with ease. you can simply explore each and every aspect of your competitor's website to know more about how it is performing.

Here are some tools or services of Ahrefs which can help you in the process of competitor's analysis with ease:

Site Explorer

This tool of Ahrefs is combining multiple powerful SEO tools including organic traffic research, paid traffic research and backlink checker. You can analyze paid and organic traffic metrics to know more about it.

Even more, you can also navigate the backlink profile of your competitors with Ahrefs as well. This is the world's biggest backlink explorer tool that boasts over 14 trillion links.

It is famous for its backlinks. You can even know the domain authority referring domains for one domain also. You will be able to see high quality backlinks of yours competitors because Ahrefs provides the best and accurate results a tool can provide related to the backlinks.

Ahrefs Site Explorer Backlink Profile

Content Gap

Content Gap is another effective service of Ahrefs which can help you to take the entire keywords of your competitors they are ranking for and subtract the keywords you are ranking for.

  • The remaining list will be all about the keywords that you need to target to grow your business in a more effective way.
  • This tool can help you to do the same thing with multiple competitors as well. Ultimately, you will be able to get a massive list of keywords to rank for.

Website traffic checker

This tool can help you to see traffic estimates for any of your preferred websites.

  • You can add the URL of your competitor's site to explore detailed organic and paid traffic metrics of your competitor with ease.
  • You can see the graph to find out how the website traffic of your competitor has progressed both globally and locally.

This will let you have a better idea about the top-performing traffic sources of your competitor with ease.

You can also spy on the paid traffic of your competitor as well. Here you can get to know details about your competitor's ads keywords and landing pages as well.

Content analysis

This tool can help you to see the best pages of your competitor's site that are helping them to drive most of their traffic. Consequently, you will be able to reverse engineer the content ideas that are working more effectively for your competitors.

Even more, this tool can also help you to learn about the specific sections of web pages that are attracting more traffic. You can also see the best performing keywords here as well.

Keywords knowledge:

Ahrefs provide very good information about keywords also. You can get complete list of keywords used by a site. You even can see the search volume and difficulty with the keywords. Keywords having less then 5 keyword difficulty are considered to be easily ranked.

Ahrefs Competing Domains

Final thoughts:

Stop guesswork and use Ahrefs to unveil the secrets of your competitor's success in a more effective way. Ahrefs has no comparison. It is most accurate and updated tool when it comes to marketing.