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iSpionage (by TapClicks): A best AdWords competitor keywords tool to empower you

iSpionage (by TapClicks): A best AdWords competitor keywords tool to empower you

iSpionage is one of the best competitor's analysis tools that can let you uncover the best SEO and SEM strategies of your competitors in the best possible way. You can optimize your own digital marketing strategies at local level in a more effective way.

How can iSpionage help you?

iSpionage can let you access to PPC and SEO keywords data of worth 7 years. It's reports will cover the data from the top 3 best performing search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. It includes information about 45,000,000 domains, with 108,000,000 ad copy variations and 92,000,000 keywords.

With iSpionage you are just a few clicks away from discovering the top performing keywords, landing pages and ad copy of your competitors. This tool is designed to help you develop the best advertising campaigns.

However here are some other best ways in which iSpionage can help you as a best competitor's analysis tool with ease:

iSpionage Summary

Close more deals with impressive insights

iSpionage can help you to get unparalleled insights for the industry and vertical of your top competitors. You can also download a competitor report in pdf format to know more about your competitors.

With this developing an intelligent advertising campaign will become easier for you and you will be able to close more deals with competitive data and reports by iSpionage.

Learn more about the market from your competitors

iSpionage has the ability to let you identify your top competitors in the industry.

  • It can also let you explore more about their advertising campaigns including their monthly ad budget, as well as complete PPC strategy.
  • This information can help you to tune out the noise from your PPC campaign and can help you find the top advertisers in the industry to make the most out of your advertising campaigns more effectively.
  • You can save a lot of dollars by analyzing the mistakes made by competitors.

iSpionage Top Ads

Find profitable keywords in your preferred industry

iSpionage is offering access to a complete AdWords competitor's keywords list.

  • You can sort or filter the list to identify the best performing keywords with its one of the best Keywords Effectiveness Index tools.
  • As a result, it will become easier for you to find out the best, highly effective and top performing keywords with a profitable search volume to add in your own campaigns.
  • You can find keywords by selecting the filters of less competition. You will have a complete range to select the keywords.
  • The keyword difficulty data and monthly searches data is most accurate on iSpionage. So, there will not be a huge difference in the actual stats and stats shown by this platform.

iSpionage Top Keywords

Determine new SEO terms

Not only iSpionage can offer you highly valuable PPC data, but it can also let you access a complete list of entire SEO terms of your competitors. So that it could become easier for you to know for which terms exactly they are ranking.

Even more, it can help you know what SEO terms are helping them to get their organic search traffic. You can use these valuable insights to improve your SEO as well as can find the best terms you should focus for your business to grow.

The price factor is not too high for iSpionage. It provides unlimited features within a very less price. You can get results from big search engines and it will help you beat your competitor websites.


Overall, iSpionage can give you access to PPC intelligence data of incredibly valuable competitors. You can grab the opportunity to use data for your preferred industry