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The competitors research toolkit by SEMRush is one of the best solutions to research and develop data-driven marketing strategies based on this information. With SEMRush, you can see the performance's big picture of your competitors.

SEMRush can help you in revealing your competitor's marketing strategies from every aspect ranging from SEO to content and much more.

SEMRush competitor's analysis toolkit:

Let's have a look below to know how SEMRush can help you in more effective and data-driven competitor's analysis:

Semrush Competitors

Big Picture Analysis

Big picture analysis has become easier with SEMRush. You can make a better start to spy on online activities of your competitors with domain overview, market explorer and traffic analysis.

  • Traffic Analysis tool will help you to get into competitor's visitor engagement and web traffic insights. You can see the sources of traffic. Even these reports can also help you to evaluate affiliate partners as well.
  • Domain overview can be a best place to begin research. This report can offer you information regarding the number of paid and organic keywords, display ads, and backlinks which will give you a quick idea about the weaknesses and strengths of any certain domain.
  • Market Explorer can let you research the niche market to explore more ideas to grow.

Semrush Backlink Analysis


This tool can let you spy on SEO strategies of your competitors to see what gives them organic visibility. Here you can see a comparison of top 5 domains ranking on a keyword side by side to see which keywords you can consider to improve your SEO results.

Even more, a backlink analysis report of SEMRush can also let you know from where your competitors are getting backlinked. You can also compare backlink profiles of 5 competitors, side by side to find sources to link your profiles as well.

Semrush Keyword Ranking Tracker

Keyword research:

SEMRush provides the opportunity to do quality keyword research along with other SEO facilities also. You can look for the unique keywords with less competition. It will help you out rank your competitors. You can also figure out the keywords used by your competitors.

It has a magic keyword generated tool which serves well for keywords of all types.


This tool is meant to show you to see how competitors are spending their advertising budget and which keywords are being targeted by them. You can spy on the top paid search keywords by competitors with copies of their ads and landing pages as well. This can be the best option to uncover the PPC campaign of competitors with ease.

Content and PR

The content marketing and PR tool of SEMRush can help you to monitor online efforts of your competitors.

  • You can use the Brand Name tool to find out news and blogs about your competitor's brand.
  • The Topic Research tool can let you do the same thing for any given phrase.
  • With Post Tracking you can monitor the success and engagement rate of content.

You can use these tools to uncover the content strategy of your competitors to measure social engagement, keywords and backlinks easily.

Social media

This tool can let you monitor your competitor's activities on top 5 social media platforms to let you understand the type of audience that can get engaged with your social media marketing campaigns more effectively.

You can make better strategies and beat your customers while getting proper social signals that are totally organic.

Overall, SEMRush is a fully equipped solution to spy on competitors and get a better place on the market with ease. All in all, you can increase your online presence and reputation by using SEMrush.